Company Valuations

Company valuation is crucial for most business transactions and financial reporting – whether you wish to perform:

Merger & acquisition valuations, tax and financial reporting, impairment and PPA (purchase price allocation) goodwill analysis, stock option valuations, intangible asset and intellectual property valuations, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), litigation support and expert testimony, etc.

We apply the three generally accepted approaches to valuation: Market approach, Income approach and Asset-Based approach. Within each category, a variety of methodologies exist to assist in the estimation of fair value which our analysts use depending on the specific circumstances and needs.

As a third-party appraiser we can assist you with a fair and dependable valuation. We invite you to reach out and receive additional information from our CEO & Founder, Gidi Shalom Bendor.

Gidi photo
Gidi Shalom Bendor, MBA
CEO & Founder