Expert Witness Opinions

We have a specific expertise in providing opinions for legal purposes and for use in court. As part of our services, we provide a full kit assistance to advocates in commercial litigation cases. Our opinion reports cover a vast range of conditions and categories, as follows:

Company Valuations
Calculating the value of shares, bonds, brand names, and other intangible assets for public and private companies.

Damage Estimation
Estimating the direct and derived damage of business actions made by company’s management and counterparties.

Options Value
Analyzing option, bonds debt value and other financial instruments for labor and other law needs.

Class Actions
Evaluating the effect and the extent of actions as part of class action acts.

Capital Reduction
Examination of the company’s financial condition and the effect of dividend distribution on the company’s ability to meet its obligations.

Examination of Insolvency
Assistance to companies and court in estimating the ability of companies to continue their operations or the ability to repay their debt and more.

Our vast experience in providing expert opinions enables us to provide well established opinions and the ability to serve as expert witnesses in court. Moreover, our opinions are written in a clear way, enabling court-participants to intuitively understand the claims and principles used in our reports.

Our service includes not only the opinion report but an experienced assistance in examination of the counter-side’s opinions and assistance in developing the interrogation. We invite you to reach out and receive additional information from our CEO & Founder, Gidi Shalom Bendor.

Gidi photo
Gidi Shalom Bendor, MBA
CEO & Founder