ESOP & Warrants Valuations

A company may require valuating stock options and other equity-based compensation for various purposes. S Cube’s analysts have extensive experience valuing all types of stock options and equity based compensation, from simple call options to more complex derivatives, including warrants, ESOP expenses, ESPP, SAR (Stock Appreciation Rights), phantom stock, restricted stock, stock options with accreting exercise prices, performance stock options and contingent purchase price elements.

Our experienced analysts have valued instruments that are subject to vesting conditions including earnings targets, share price targets, total return targets and time-based vesting. S Cube’s analysts apply a wide range of valuation techniques, including closed form models such as Black-Scholes-Merton, Lattice models, such as a binomial model, Synthetic option modeling and Monte Carlo simulations.

Roy photo
Roi Vrubel
Head of Valuations and Derivatives