General Litigation Support

Complex legal cases involving economic damages and the valuation of business interests and assets have increased dramatically over time. The myriad of challenges in preparing for these financial cases can only be appropriately addressed by an experienced valuation expert. S Cube has the expertise in financial, tax and accounting issues that these cases demand. 

We provide comprehensive analyses that are carefully documented and rigorously supported. Moreover, our clients receive expert witness testimonies from professionals with experience in a variety of industries and cases, including high profile, large-dollar disputes.

Our assistance before the trial is just as useful as our assistance during the trial itself. From sorting through unwieldy data to analyzing significant tax ramifications, we will facilitate organizing and quantifying pertinent financial information. We also help in the planning stages of a case by developing document requests, preparing for interviews, and assisting in pre-trial depositions. We invite you to reach out and receive additional information from our CEO & Founder, Gidi Shalom Bendor.

Gidi photo
Gidi Shalom Bendor, MBA
CEO & Founder