IP Valuations

Understanding the value of intangible assets is challenging for many businesses since they do not exist physically. Nowadays, intellectual property and intellectual assets may account for a majority of the business value and knowing its value is a key element in any decision and can completely change how business is done.

IP consists of the assets of a company that do not have any physical existence like patents, trademarks and design, software, know-how, trade secrets and databases.

We have performed hundreds of IP valuations for clients at various stages of their life – from developing IP strategies for new businesses to helping established businesses with maximizing their IP value during negotiations.

Whether you need to assess the value of your IP for selling, buying, regulatory needs or any other reason, an external valuation can help you with determining an objective fair market value.

Please contact us to discuss your IP valuation needs. We invite you to reach out and receive additional information from our Head of PPA, IP and Economics, Daniel Guterman.

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Daniel Guterman
Head of IP & Economics