Fairness Opinions & Solvency

Nowadays companies, boards of directors, private equity firms and others are highly subjected to inspections and the necessity of a fairness opinion from an independent third-party valuator is often needed. In addition to being a crucial part in many transactions, fairness opinions are frequently required in litigation processes.

Litigation processes often involve board members who may have a vested interest or may be affiliated with the company, a fairness opinion shows evidence that the board member was challenging the deal or that the potential deal was properly examined. Similar to fairness and economic opinions, solvency opinions are financial opinions issued near the close of a transaction. The opinions generally address certain financial tests of solvency.

For a fairness or solvency opinion to provide maximum protection for the board of directors, the valuation firm rendering the fairness opinion must be independent and free of conflicts of interest.

After a thorough examination, we provide clear, independent opinions and do not have conflicts of interest in any transaction. We invite you to reach out and receive additional information from our CEO & Founder, Gidi Shalom Bendor.

Gidi photo
Gidi Shalom Bendor, MBA
CEO & Founder